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Kawaii Kiwi NZ


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A Kiwi twist to the NATO phonetic alphabet!

The actual NATO phonetic alphabet features alongside its Kiwiana equivalent...with some slightly cheeky ones thrown in there!

Frame is 28 x 35cm, can be hung or sit on a shelf.

Who would have thought that a seemingly innocent piece of art would create so much “discussion”?! 

I welcome discussion and feel like I now need to explain my piece from my art table…strap in, hold on and get ready to be educated! 

I really enjoyed creating my KIWIANA PHONETIC WallArt, it took me some time to get it just right with the combination of Kiwiana words that I felt suited what I was trying to achieve – a piece of art to entertain and bring life to a space.

This WallArt is a combination of the international NATO phonetic alphabet (in green words and not something that I have created) and Kiwiana words which sit nicely with each letter (in yellow words).

First education point:
The NATO phonetic alphabet was created in the 1920s and known as a spelling alphabet. Each letter of this alphabet has a word associated with it that is distinctive to the others, so that when communication lines are less than ideal, the words can be used to spell a word without issues of understanding what each letter is. Even on a clear phone line it is difficult to work out an “f” from an “s”, a “p” from a “t” and so on. So, for the word cat, in this alphabet, you would “spell” it as Charlie Alpha Tango.
I have two children, 8 and 10 years old, and we have been teaching them the phonetic alphabet. My husband works around helicopters and this alphabet is used on a daily basis. It is also another great thing for the kids to learn and understand.

Second education point:
Kiwiana – probably doesn’t need much explaining, but, while I’m here… This is for items or words either unique or particularly common to New Zealand.

Third and last education point:
I initially created this WallArt for my kids. Their one hangs on their toilet wall and they love the colour and interest that it brings to their space. I loved it so much when I finished it that I thought I would create it and offer it as a piece in my Kawaii Kiwi collection.

This is a piece of art NOT an official education tool!

Where the confusion might come in…
Phonetics is about how a letter sounds and is a branch of linguistics that focuses on the production and classification of the world’s speech sounds.
The NATO phonetic alphabet is less “phonetic” and more explanatory…but this is its name!

If you would like an image/word or 2 changed for the Kiwiana words, I am happy to work with you on this.

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Awesome for Home & Gift

Fun Kiwi twist on the phonetic alphabet which is rarely used these days. Brings the old into a new time. Found it as a gift for my friend who is pregnant and had to get myself one too.