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Kawaii Kiwi NZ


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22nd February 2011 will be etched in the minds of Cantabrians forever…

At 12.51pm on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the earth groaned and shook, Christchurch fell…

I grew up in Christchurch and lived there until a few years ago, it will always be home. I feel a deep connection to the city and, more so, having lived through the earthquakes.

This frame is a complete creation of and about the earthquakes.

  • The rose window, which I created from scratch, represents the Christchurch Cathedral, the symbol of Christchurch – now in the process of being rebuilt.
  • The frame is rimu which was salvaged from the Akaroa Hospital which was damaged in the earthquake.
  • Frame is a deep frame which sits on a shelf, 18x18cm.