12 Names | One Frame

12 Names | One Frame

Sometimes, you are given the opportunity to create something that makes a significant impact on people...I was given this chance last month.

I was tasked with creating this frame for a special birthday for twins in Christchurch. They have Korean heritage but were born here in New Zealand. The origami butterflies are created from New Zealand and South Korean flags, combined with a photo of the sisters.

As with all of these frames, this one took me a while to create, making sure I was grasping all of the ideas that my customer, Shar, was keen on having included. I think I might have hit the mark...here is what Shar thought, in her own words:

Thank you!! I will definitely be asking you to make more in the near future for me.
Thank you so much! I have never seen anything turn out the way I had actually envisioned myself! You are so talented in what you do and you deserve all the recognition there is. You went out of your way to make sure the whole frame was everything I wanted AND more, and that goes along way. Thank you so much. Love how you turn your art work into something so meaningful to the people you create a masterpiece for 🥰

Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Shar, I'm so happy that you are happy!

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